“These are moving accounts of broken dreams and broken lives. Whether set in bustling Singapore, an exotic city in the Middle East, or a penal farm in the Visayas, these stories are finely sculpted with details that only a truly observant story teller can recreate. Miss Torres evokes a vivid sense of place, of cityscapes with the odors of living. More than creating tension, her characters are flesh and blood creations moving compulsively in these alien geographies towards their individual fates.” – F. Sionil Jose



“They may seem to be in search of exotic butterflies, a special ice cream, a perfect image, warmth in winter, or some such ephemera, but the characters of Catherine Torres’ sensitively wrought stories are ultimately seeking the most basic and yet also the most difficult of human longings to attain: happiness, meaning, and freedom. The stories also expose us to the Filipino in a global setting–a stimulus that inevitably engages and reveals their Filipino-ness and yet also their fundamental humanity. This is a book for our people, for our time.” – Jose Dalisay, Jr.